Thursday, July 16, 2015

Inspiration: Vintage Fashion Magazines

The creative process of a milliner often begins with a source of inspiration. When designing hats for the discriminating miniature divas of Monolithic Studios, I often refer to vintage European fashion magazines such as L'Officiel, L'Art et la Mode, La Femme Chic, Femina, and Modes et Travaux for inspiration. Here are just a few examples featuring some extraordinary hats from 1936 to 1948.

La Femme Chic, 1943

La Femme Chic, 1945

Femina, 1948

Annabelle, 1942

Italian fashion magazine, Dea, 1936

Modes et Travaux, 1944.
Photo courtesy

Modes et Travaux, 1943.
Photo courtesy

All photos are courtesy unless otherwise noted. CLICK HERE for more Vintage Design and Inspiration links from The Couture Touch.

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