Thursday, June 4, 2015

Straw Hats: Not Just for the Beach

Ahh....Summer!   Does it evoke images of a warm, lazy afternoon relaxing on a beach or by the pool looking every inch the starlet in your favorite bathing suit and glamorous floppy-brimmed straw hat?

Carole Lombard photo courtesy jbrvintagerevolution

But straw hats aren't just for the beach. They can be chic and sophisticated toppers for fabulous daytime frocks and smart suits. They come in all manner of styles and trimmings, and can easily transition from Spring to Summer to Fall.

Photo courtesy

Join us this month as Chapeaux à la Mode celebrates the glorious straw hat.

From the author's personal collection, a unique natural straw tilt topper accented with a navy grosgrain bow and bandeau. Labeled Kay Wagner, Barbizon-Plaza Hotel, New York. Circa 1940's.

A delight of black raffia straw that points to a pair of peach feather cockades. Labeled Dolly Varden, California, circa 1940's. From the author's personal collection.

1940's natural straw tilt accented with the drama of black grosgrain trim and veiling. Not labeled. From the author's personal collection.

1940's black straw tilt with unusual pearl trimmed ribbon.
Photo courtesy

1940's cream tilt courtesy

1930's black straw with rope and ribbon detailing.
Photo courtesy

Bernice Charles straw tilt, circa 1940 courtesy

For more styles of straw hats from the author's personal collection, CLICK HERE


  1. Amazing! I have a serious addiction to straw hats, bags and shoes. Anything straw, raffia, bamboo.....I adore! I add a few more to my collection each year and look forward to warm weather to wear them. I LOVE the first hat's unusual materials and shape is divine! Thank you Melissa for sharing your Pinterest page. I've book marked it as my new favorite morning read with coffee! Megin

    1. Straw accessories are so much fun. Thank you so much Megin for your lovely comment and interest. Melissa