Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hats Off to Brenda Starr

During the 1940's. hats were de rigueur even for the career-minded, investigative reporter of the fictional newspaper The Flash. Brenda Starr was created by Dale (Dalia) Messick and debuted on June 30, 1940 in the Chicago Tribune. Messick drew her comic-strip heroine as a red-headed, glamorous, fashion-forward, jet-setting reporter whose stylish hats were no doubt inspired by Messick's mother, a milliner by trade.

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What to wear for a jail-house visit? A fabulous platter hat perfectly matched to her suit ensemble.

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Brenda is determined to steal the spotlight from Daphne in a fabulous off-the-face feathered topper and matching fur-trimmed coat.

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Embroiled in plots and intrigue, Brenda is lucky in stripes: a marvelous, unusual-shaped, halo hat and jacket to match.

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A chic turban is always in style for that all-important interview.

Gene Marshall as Brenda Starr
Monolithic Studios' resident girl star Miss Gene Marshall portrays the comic-strip heroine and goes undercover as a blonde to get her story. She chooses a smart terracotta wool felt tilt topper to complement her blonde locks. The silk tweed jerkin, hat, and gauntlet gloves are from The Couture Touch. Pinstriped shirt is from Robert Tonner's "Just My Type" Brenda Starr ensemble. Skirt is from Ashton Drake, and handbag is from Integrity. Miss Marshall (a re-styled "Fashion Plot") is from Ashton Drake. 

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Two delightful hats as envisioned by Dale Messick for the cover of her book, The Red-Headed Bombshell (1989).

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Brenda's hat dilemma.....deliciously solved!

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