Thursday, March 19, 2015

Whimsical Hats of the 1930's

Hats during the last half of the 1930's were often folded, twisted, and pleated into whimsical concoctions. Manipulation of the shape varied creating an angular, almost stark look or a fanciful winged effect with plumage. The most sought after hats were small, toy-sized toppers worn tilted and perched over the forehead. The mood of hat design during this era was elegant, imaginative, and amusing.

Here's a parade of millinery marvels worn by the always fashion-forward stars of Monolithic Studios, Miss Gene Marshall and Miss Madra Lord.....

Madra Lord

Gene Marshall

Mabel Lorkovic aka Madra Lord


All hats are from The Couture Touch.

A Lady Knows/Symphony in G Gene Marshall and Cold Shoulder/Scarlet Temptress Madra Lord are from Ashton-Drake.

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