Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Tip of the Hat to The New Year!

More than any other article of clothing, the hat has the unique ability to completely change the appearance of the wearer. It's the perfect accessory to polish off a suit or daytime dress. A well-appointed hat gives a finished look to any ensemble. History has shown us that headgear has long been regarded as a symbol of rank, authority, or position: The fancy feathered headdress of a native American chief....the distinctive hats of a cardinal or bishop....the spectacular jeweled crown of a queen. And nothing uplifts the soul better than a glorious new hat!

Welcome to a new destination dedicated to my love of hats. Here you will find vintage photos, illustrations, advertisements, and articles on mid-20th century hats. And if you love to craft, a few DIY projects along the way, perfect for those demanding Hollywood miniature divas from Monolithic Studios.

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